Monday, December 12, 2016

Travel in Ancient Indus and China

Travel is important to our civilization today. In ancient Indus and ancient China it was just as important and several methods of transportation of people and goods were used.

What ways did the Indus travel on water?

How did the Indus travel on land?

How did the Indus transport goods?

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How did the ancient Chinese travel on land?

How did the ancient Chinese travel on water?

How did they transport goods?

How did the Chinese travel and transport goods on the Silk Road?

How did caravans help the ancient Chinese?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Compare and Contrast Ancient Indus

For this project, pick one feature of early river civilizations and compare and contrast ancient Indus with Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and/or China. You can choose to compare with one or more civilizations. Discuss in detail what the feature looked like then and how it compares with today.

These are the features of civilizations:

1.  Cities
2.  Central Governments
3.  Complex Religions
4.  Job Specializations
5.  Social Classes
6.  Arts and Architecture
7.  Public Works
8.  Writing