Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ancient China Project

For this project you will pick a topic from ancient China, research it, build a Power Point presentation on Google Docs, and share it with the class. Pick a topic that interests you, show its connection to one of the Dynasties, and how it is relevant today.

Steps for the project:

1. Select a topic
2. Prepare for research (What areas do you want to focus on?)
3. Research
4. Narrow research into key points
5. Create your finished product organizing by key points with visuals to support it.
6. Share with the class

Project Topics:

Arts, Architecture, and Geography
Great Wall of China
Grand Canal
Forbidden City
Temple of Heaven

Yellow (Huang He) River

Trade and Exploration
Silk industry
Silk Road
Junks (ships)

Advances and Breakthroughs

Educational system
Civil service examination system

Xia Dynasty
Shang Dynasty
Chou (Zhou) Dynasty
Qin Dynasty
Warring Period

Extra Information
  • Use at least three sources for your information and cite them at the end of your Power Point project.
  • Topic needs to be related to Dynasty 
  • Grade will be based on the quality of project and presentation
  • All writing must be in your own words unless it is a direct quote
  • Relate to today if at all possible
  • The more details you include the better your grade