Monday, October 1, 2018

Ancient Indus Comparison Essay

For this project, pick one feature of early river civilizations and compare and contrast ancient Indus with Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and/or China. You can choose to compare with one or more civilizations. Discuss in detail what the feature looked like then and how it compares with today.

These are the features of civilizations:

1.  Cities
2.  Central Governments
3.  Complex Religions
4.  Job Specializations
5.  Social Classes
6.  Arts and Architecture
7.  Public Works
8.  Writing

Steps in the Ancient Indus Comparison Project

1. Decide the feature of focus (Cities, Central Governments, Religion, Job Specialization, Social Classes,  Arts and Architecture, Public Works, or Writing).
2. Research feature in Ancient Indus
3. Research feature in at least one other river civilization
4. Determine similarities and differences
5. Consider how this feature looks in today's world

And then begin the writing process

1. Organize using outline, graphic organizer, etc. You should know the topic of each paragraph before you begin writing.
2. Write an introduction explaining the point of the essay and topic
3. Write body using details from research. This must be in your own words.
4. Write conclusion. This can wrap up the topic, or you can use how this looks today as your closing. This is a writer's decision based on how you want to organize your essay.
5. Cite sources.
6. Check over your essay. Read aloud to a peer, and then revise and edit as needed.
7. Send to at least two peers on Jupiter Grades for peer review. When you review an essay, please look at the guidelines above and be sure all steps were followed. Check for organization, PUGS (punctuation, spelling, usage, and grammar), plagiarism, correct format, topic, topic, topic—is the essay on topic and understandable?